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Hope's Corner Receives Grant From E3 Youth Philanthropy to Fund Shower Program


Here is what the E3 Board had to say about Hope's Corner...

"I was very impressed and moved by Hope’s Corner and their many different programs and efforts towards helping the homeless. They stand out as a much-needed source of compassion in our community and provide important resources such as showers, food, and a safe place to pray. Seeing how dedicated they are to making other people’s lives better gave me a positive outlook on the future and encouraged me to be more involved in my community".  --Samraj

(Viewing the video testimonials from clients made me realize) "the impact that a nice place to shower has for the homeless people in our area. I found it really touching to see a person who is extremely grateful for all the hard work that Hope's Corner has put in to make a positive impact in people's lives."  --Dana

(The video) "showed how much of an effect showers could have on homeless people. The man they interviewed talked about how bad his hygiene conditions were, and his lack of access to a cleaning source. I think the showers offered by Hope's Corner would be a benefit to homeless in the area." --Dilip

THANK YOU to the E3 kids and the Los Altos Community Foundation for their generous support, and thanks to Leslie Carmichael and Mike Hacker for putting together a successful grant application!





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