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 Donate Stocks to Hope’s Corner

Donating stock  shares directly to Hope's Corner may have tax benefits as compared to cashing in stocks and donating cash. (Please consult your accountant/financial planner to determine if this donation option is right for you.)  To donate your stocks, please follow the steps below:


Please instruct your broker to transfer shares to the Hope’s Corner account at Charles Schwab & Co:

Hope’s Corner, Inc.
Charles Schwab Account #: 7335-5666
DTC #0164


Please tell us about your gift by emailing the information below to us: 

  1. Upon what date you plan to make the gift?

  2. Which company stock and how many shares will be in your gift?

  3. How would you like your family to be recognized? (Examples include "The Washington Family" or "Ana and Mateo Cruz" or "Anonymous")

Please send this information to:

Hope’s Corner Treasurer: Bob Lee, 748 Mercy Street, Mountain View, CA94041 (genrlrel@pacbell.net)

Thanks again for supporting Hope’s Corner!

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