Hope's Corner

At the Corner of Hope & Mercy


Hope's Corner Capital Campaign 


Make a lasting impact on our community when you donate to Hope's Corner's Capital Campaign. With your help, groundbreaking can begin in early 2018 for a commercial grade kitchen at Hope's Corner, which will allow us to serve more meals each week and expand the services we offer. 

Some of the people who come to Hope's Corner include: 

  • A former engineer who never managed to get back on his feet after losing his job and now lives on the streets
  • A family with three generations living in a car after losing their home, including a middle school student trying to keep up with his studies
  • An elderly woman who is struggling financially to care for her seriously ill sister and who might otherwise have to make choices between food and other needs.

By supporting the Capital Campaign, you'll help dozens of needy right here in our community get the healthy food they need so they have the opportunity to meet their full potential. You can also take your commitment to the next level by becoming a Matching Donor.  Matching Donors pledge to meet donations for a given time period up to $500 or more. This is a great way to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary, while encouraging others to support a worthy cause. For more information, contact info@hopes-corner.org.


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